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Future of Education

TRAINING 24 April, 1 & 8 May

Do you work in the education sector and do you ask yourself what skills are going to be needed in the future?

In this training you will experience the future skills for yourself and learn how you can make a change in the education sector. Meet like-minded professionals worldwide who are willing to make this change with you.

3 online meetings up to 3 hours

4pm (CET) | 11am (GMT-3) | 9am (CST)

25 hours of content

Cultivate change and develop the future skills

A future oriented mindset will support the foundation for constant and conscious innovation. How can we prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created, to tackle social challenges that we can’t imagine, and to use technologies that have not yet been invented? 

To "poke" the current school curriculum, we use inspiration from the Futures Literacy initiative. Our goal is to create new learning experiences for the entire sector, from governments to schools, from teachers to students, parents and beyond. In the training we bring together the different perspectives from the sector, because together you get further. The 3-day (remote) training will include the following elements:


  • Equip you with a methodology to put design thinking into action in the education sector

  • Meet international participants from the education sector, who are all willing to make this change​

  • Receive feedback from design coaches experienced in innovating the education sector

  • Discover the interactive training possibilities that Zoom & MIRO has to offer

  • Receive Certificate of Completion from ONE.WHY, which you can showcase on your LinkedIn profile


ONE.WHY believes in a future where everyone can learn everywhere, That's why we love to bring people together from the education sector to empower this change. Classrooms of tomorrow should focus on a combination of student engagement, investigative approaches, curiosity, imagination and design thinking.

To lead by example, we offer a few spots for free. How can you apply? Write a motivation why you should participate in this training and send it to



The Challenge-7.png

Learn how to find solutions that put the student at the center of your decision making. 

The Challenge-7.png

A training that will give you a broad understanding of the principles and tools to promote innovation in the education sector.

The Challenge-7.png

You will experience the approach to design thinking through real-life challenges. 

The Challenge-7.png

It will be a high-energy, interactive and hands-on training where you will put the future skills directly into practice. 


Future Skills

Futures skills that are covered in the training

  • Futures Literacy

  • Problem solving

  • Team working

  • Critical thinking

  • Creativity

  • Digital literacy (Zoom & MIRO)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Emotional intelligence 

Over the training of 3 days, you will learn how to maximise your future skills to innovate and come up with solutions for the education sector:


  • Day 1 - April, 24: Identify the education context
    Identify the current challenges and look for inspiration  in the education sector, discover new future scenarios and determine who the key stakeholders are in the education context.

  • Day 2 - May, 1: From Insights to innovation opportunities
    Empathize with real international students to discover their needs and decide what matters to them.

  • Day 3 - May, 8: Future skills in action
    Identify how the new future skills learned in the programme help you develop solutions to address your innovation opportunities. Discover the ingredients of an innovation culture and become the changemaker in the education sector. 

Programme Modules

São Paulo - March 2019


“The main challenge is being open to change itself...” Avenues has partnered with ONE.WHY and the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro to develop a curricular approach to Futures Literacy, so our students can be prepared for the many possible tomorrows that lay ahead.’

Avenues World School

Company examples

Learn more of the facilitators

'Everyone is learning Everywhere'

-Let's plan the future-

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