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Our projects

Currently, we run programs in South Africa, Brazil, and Mexico. We facilitate our own programs but also can assist you with your local project anywhere in the world. Our work ranges from future literacy to media literacy programs, entrepreneurship to our WHY workshops.

We are committed to enriching each learner with the future skills to navigate through the complex world.

With the aim to create a change that matters. 

Through our programs, we focus on the following Future Skills: ​critical thinking, ecological-mindset, entrepreneurial thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, cross-cultural skills,

and self-study skills.


Future skills
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Media literacy

Creating solutions to make an objective distinguish between fake and real news.


Green future school

Unique flexible school concept for local communities to enrich people with the future skills in order to create a sustainable future.  

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Community involvement

Innovation program to work together with local youth on sustainable challenges to strengthen the region. 



Connect young professionals with communities where education is not self-evident to create new innovative concepts in order to create change.


Futures literacy

Training to support teachers of a private school to transform the curriculum to include the future Skills. 


Change Ahead

Inspirational day workshop to unlock one’s full potential with the opportunity to exchange with like-minded people.

Partners we worked with

-Let's plan the future-

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